·        Important

To achieve best result of installation, the cylinder surface should be thoroughly cleaned with press room solvent.

The cylinder surface must be completely dry before application of the anti-marking film.


·         For application on the Transfer or Delivery cylinder, you can choose either double side self-adhesive tape or a spray adhesive such as 3M-Super 77.


·         If you have a Komori Press, you can use existing bars to install the Pearl-Tex or Gem-Kote.


·         For impression cylinder application, choose fine size bead Peal-Tex and use a spray adhesive. Do not choose the pressure sensitive back Pearl-Tex film.


·         If your press is made for use with a different method of anti-marking such as a Blue-Net Jacket, Heidelberg Black Jacket, and Heidelberg Flush-Chrome Jacket, you can attach Pearl-Tex or Gem-Kote directly on the existing jacket with a spray-adhesive. (you must clean the jacket surface completely before applying)


·         With pressure sensitive back films such as Pearl-Tex (Type PC, PF, PF21, or PF-21E), you do not have to peel off all the release paper.

You can cut 1-2 inches off the release paper from both the gripper and tail edge and leave the left over release paper on the cylinder.

If you need a secure attachment to the cylinder, you may peel off the entire release paper.


·         To remove ink build-up on the film surface, periodically clean it with common types of press wash solvent. We do not recommend the use of Toluene type solvent.


·         The best wash up results are achieved if the ink is not fully dried.


·         Customer satisfaction is our main concern; please consult a dealer near your area for further technical assistance.